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FAQ Testimonials <3

FAQ Testimonials <3

We know you may have questions, and sometimes you just want a second opinion. So, who better to answer those questions than your discerning peers who have already purchased from always A Muse... 

Quality on your mind? Here's a Testimonial

"One of my favorite things about my bra is that they didn't miss details. The undersides of the straps were soft, the clasps on the convertible straps were strong and the inside of the band was smooth against my skin, no unfinished seams on the inside or any itchy materials. The thorough attention to details puts AM in a class of their own!"  - Anastasia K. 


Wondering about coverage on our Signature Longline? Here's a Testimonial

"The longline bra is BEAUTIFUL!! I like the look of a bustier under a blazer, but was unsure if the longline was too sheer to wear out. When I got it I saw the removeable pads cover the right places. If you don't remove the pads you can have enough coverage to wear it out, but if you want it to be sexier, you can remove the pads and it's more sheer. Love it!" - Tia F.


Size Concerns? Here's a Testimonial

"I was skeptical about not having exact bra sizes and not being able to try on the panties, but both were so nice on and everything was adjustable. The panties I can wear higher or lower on the hips. The bra is convertible and I wont have to buy new ones if a gain or lose some kilos. This is good news! These two pieces make me feel like I got a whole new wardrobe." - Alessandra B.



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