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Size + Fitting

Always A Muse is here to disrupt the fashion industry with inventive pieces that flatter and empower; we are not your average brand, so it’s only natural that our sizing may be a little different too <3
You will be happy to find some degree of adjustability throughout most of our collections. This adjustability allows us to cater to more sizes than we could otherwise with limited quantities. If you gain or lose a few, you will still look like a goddess in our designs. This also reduces the chances of you having to return or exchange, which reduces waste, so everybody wins (even the planet)!
To find the fit for you, please refer carefully to the size guides below and see where your measurements take you.
Always A Muse - Official Size Guide (US / EU)
You can use this diagram (below) to help determine where to measure yourself, and then see what size from our guide (above) may work for you.
Note: In the instance below the “upper bust” line is the measurement for our “bust” in the guides above.
Always A Muse - Measurement Chart - Where to Measure Guide
If you encounter challenges determining your size, please contact us, and a fit specialist will be happy to assist you.
How to Really Own It
It’s one thing to make a purchase, it’s another to personalize your new Always A Muse piece. Take some ‘you’ time to try on your new pieces and adjust the straps to suit you best. We find that, for instance, some may prefer crossing the straps on our convertible pieces to offer more pushup and lift. And, don’t forget to adjust the shoulder straps to your liking as well. This is easiest to do when the item is not being worn, which also helps protect the materials.
 Most of the straps can be adjusted by holding the strap in one hand and the slider in the other, then guiding the slider in one direction or the other to shorten or lengthen the strap.
Please keep it classy, and remember to leave your own underwear on when trying on any bottoms.
Be mindful when storing our fine laces, especially, near other clasps / hooks or things that may snag the material. This will help them serve you for many seasons to come. 
                 A Muse